Floor Registers & Vents

Floor Registers & Vents

National Supply Centre proudly offers products from Imperial Manufacturing Group, the industry’s leading manufacturer. Based in Canada, Imperial offers a full line of high quality registers and vents for residential and commercial applications.

Competitive Pricing

Think big box retailers always have the best pricing? Think again! National’s pricing is competitive with all major big box retailers. Floor registers start at just $8.50!

>Need more than one? Unlike big box retailers we give our customers the option to buy registers and vents in bulk. Choose a 6 or 12 pack and save money!
Register Pricing

New registers and grilles are among the quickest and least expensive home improvements you can make. Select from smooth and textured rust proof finishes in a variety of designs to ensure household air flow is at peak efficiency, adding comfort and appeal to your decor. 


Registers are covers or grates placed in the air flow openings in your house. They give you control over volume and direction of the air entering a room. A floor register works by pressing the lever on the floor register’s damper box to open shutters that direct air into the room. By pressing the lever on the floor register’s damper box the other way, the shutters close reducing the flow of air.

  • They include a damper that provides control, to direct and diffuse the amount of air that enters a room.
  • Registers may direct air in one, two, three or four different directions depending on the type of register.
  • They are installed on floors, walls and ceilings.
  • If they are blocked the temperature in a room can be greatly affected.
  • Most registers have a single valve or a multi-shutter damper.
Floor Register
Floor Grille


Grilles are the vents through which air is pulled out of a room for circulation back to the central heating or cooling unit. Grilles do not have the damper controls found on registers. Imperial Grilles are installed in cold air return ducts.

  • They have no damper to close off the flow of air.
  • They may be located in floors, ceilings and walls.
  • They provide return air circulation within a room; where unobstructed flow is required for heating/cooling system efficiency.
  • You may have several small grilles located throughout your home or one large central grille installed near the furnace.