• The forging division of AST continues the century-long tradition of forging in Terni started in 1884 when the company “Societa degli Alti Forni, Fonderie e Acciaierie di Terni” (SAFFAT) was founded
  • The choice of carbon and alloy elements utilized in the production of Back-up Rolls and Hot working Rolls for flat and shapred products aims to achieve the required mix of different properties, such as hardenability, hardness, toughness, fatigue and thermal cracking resistance
  • All machining steps are performed by using modern Numericla Control Lathes. Rolls are shipped by forging division of Acciai Speciali Terni machine finished and ready for service
  • Sdf quality system was one of the first Italian QA systems to be accepted by ASME for the manufacture of forged products for nuclear application
  • AFS has two main product lines, Static cast and Spin cast
  • In January 2014, Advanced Foundry Services SAS took over from Åkers Group which had been running it since 1998.
  • The company specializes in the manufacture of rolling mill rolls with technical expertise and a quality standards recognized by it’s customer base.
  • AFS is in control of the complete manufacturing process: Melting, Molding, Casting, Shot blasting, Heat treatment and Machining.

5 induction furnaces : 1 x 4.5 tons, 1 x 5 tons, 2 x 23 tons and 1 x 33 tons.

  • 1 vertical spin casting machine (fully automated) Maximum speed : 600 rotations per minute Finish products dimensions : diameter from 575 to 1 250 mm Maximum length of the roll barrel : 4 meters 
  • 10 heat treatment furnaces (all computer-controlled) 
  • 1 sand mixer of 25 tons per hour capacity 
  • 1 blasting machine 
  • Rolls dimensions : Maximum length : 7,500 mm. Barrel diameter : 575 to 1,250 mm. Weight range : between 5 and 30 tons. 
  • Grade type: Indefinite chilled. Steel and graphitic steel. High Chromium cast iron. HSS and ½ HSS. High Chromium ste

  • Trumpets -used when manufacturing bottom pouring steel ingots.
  • Slag Pots – manufactured in lamellar or nodular cast iron.
  • Ingot moulds and base plates -produce high quality steel ingot moulds thanks to more than 20 years of experience
  • Dryer rolls – hollow rolls are used in many industries such as : Paper industry, Food industry, Rubber industry and Plastic industry
  • Shells – cast iron moulds used for roll production
  • Staves coolers – utilized on blast furnace cooling system

Strict quality control checks are adhered to throughout entire process: •

  • Molding: Sand characteristics, raw materials and mould lining controls.
  • Melting: Temperature, weight, chemical analysis and thermal analysis.
  • Casting: Spin casting machine speed, temperatures, weight and filling rate
  • Heat treatment : Temperatures, hardness and structure controls.
  • Internal quality : Bonding, thickness and core health controls.
  • Metal structure : Barrel, core and bonding quality controls.
  • Hardness : Core and barrel hardness controls.
  • Geometric control: drawing review

SdF is a fully integrated Division, equipped with the  ‘state of the art’ technologies in: 

  • Steelmaking/Ingot Pouring
  • Heating for forging
  • Forging
  • Machining
  • Heat Treatment
  • Final Machining
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive testing
  • Arcelor Mittal
  • Danieli
  • Saltzgitter
  • SMS-Siemag
  • SSAB
  • Voest Alpine
  • AK Steel
  • Jindal
  • Outokumpu
  • Posco
  • TATA
  • Nucor Steel
  • Severstal
  • Steel Dynamics
  • Thyssen Krupp.
  • Essar Steel.
  • JSW Steel Ltd.
  • Bhushan Steel Ltd.
  • CSN (Brazil)
  • Ispat Inland (USA) 
  • Voest Alpine


  • Fossil
  • Nuclear
  • Hydro​


  • Working Roll for Non-Ferrous material
  • Back-Up Rolls for Ferrous Non-Ferrous material

Shells & Special Components

  • Shells and tube sheets for Nuclear and Petrochemical Reactor Vessels
  • Containers for Spent Fuel of NPPs
  • Closer Heads of Reactor Pressure Vessels

Heavy Industry & Die Blocks

  • Offshore installations
  • Open-Die, Closed-Die and Extrusion presses
  • Die-Block for automotive industry