Pipes & Fittings

There are several types of pipes: water pipes, gas pipes, drainage pipes, waste pipes, beverage pipes and ones that are rated for high pressure or heat. Some options are PEX pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings, ABS pipes and fittings and Brass pipes and fittings.

The primary purpose of black steel pipe is to carry natural gas into homes and businesses. The pipe is manufactured without a seam, making it a stronger and safer pipe to carry gas. The black steel pipe is also used for fire sprinkler systems because it is more fire-resistant than galvanized pipe.

Featured Product

Mueller Industries 1-1/2″ Wrot Copper Pipe 90° Elbow

C x C, Solder JointType 90 Elbow
Style Solder Joint
Fitting Size 1-1/2
End Connections C x C
Tube Outside Diameter (Inch) 1-5/8
Material Wrot Copper