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Keeping warm and facing winter peacefully, knowing that your heating system will work without a hitch, is a basic necessity in our northern climates where the cold season can extend over a long period of the year.

Learn more about these heating brands for more comfort, performance and energy savings for your clients.

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FAMILY PRO 42 KIS - COMBI 151,000 btu/hr

Combination and Heat Only Wall Hung Boiler, condensing. Heat Input Range: 20,400 to 119,000 Btu/hr;
151,000 Btu/hr for DHW production.

  • Intuitive control, graphic color display, icon and text-based interface.
  • AFUE ratings of 95% – 7:1 turndown ratio – Low NOx emissions (SCAQMD)
  • Automatic calibration/ Gas Adaptive for optimum efficiency
  • Automatic air purge – Back flow prevention – Warm weather shutdown
  •  Field convertible from natural gas to propane without a conversion kit
  • Automatic self-diagnostics, featuring easy to use control panel with back-lit display
  • Domestic hot water priority – Seize protection – Frost protection
  • Produces up to 4.0 gpm (15 lt/min) of domestic hot water at a 72°F (40°C) rise
  • Zero clearance to combustibles – NPT threading for gas and plumbing connections
  • Easily accessible low voltage terminal strip for quick connections to accessories
  •  Venting options include concentric, two pipe direct vent or one pipe power vent options in rigid PP and CPVC (PVC can be used on the intake only).
  • Certified and tested at high altitude (up to 10,000 ft). No hardware modification required

UDAP-45 45,000 BTU V3 Power Vented Gas Fired Unit Heater

Reznor’s V3 series UDAP high efficiency heaters are excellent for space heating applications. These gas-fired unit heaters are power vented in order to eliminate heat losses up the flue pipe. Power vented models have a higher initial cost than similar “gravity” vented models, but will save money on fuel costs. UDAP heaters are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency often meeting utility company thresholds for rebate incentives.

All Reznor V3 series heaters are CSA Design Certified and have a refreshing appearance with a glossy white cabinet finish.

  • Residential and commercial/industrial certification
  • Multi-try direct spark ignition with 100% lockout
  • Vibration isolated fan and venter motors
  • 2-pt and 4-pt suspension points
  • External gas connection